We Focus On What Matters Most: You And Your Legal Issues

Help With The Legal Side Of Buying Or Selling Your Home

For many, a home is often the most significant and costly purchase they will make in their lifetime. It is important to take steps to secure your interest and protect your investment.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Those willing to sell their home on their own (also known as “For Sale by Owner” or “FSBO”), benefit by retaining the legal services of our attorneys, in that we can prepare offers, counteroffers, and more. Our attorneys will prepare and register necessary legal documents, ensuring transfer of ownership regarding the old or new property. You may also need assistance in negotiating more favorable terms, all of which are skills our attorneys are equipped to handle and zealously advocate on your behalf.

Why Hire An Attorney To Sell Or Buy Your Home?

Real estate agents and brokers cannot give you legal advice, only attorneys may do so. Hiring an attorney to handle a real estate purchase or sale, may save thousands of dollars you would otherwise pay to an agent. Properties may have covenants, easements, liens or other encumbrances that impede or restrict use of the individual property. Our attorneys will review documentation to help understand and navigate those impediments, if appropriate.

Quick And Easy Title Processing

When selling a home, you will be requires to produce title evidence. Our attorneys at Claringbole Law, LLC d/b/a Claringbole Quigley, work closely with their affiliates at Fox Cities Title Company – saving you time and money.