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Protect Your Freedom To Choose With A Will And Power of Attorney

Whether you have never had a will or your circumstances have changed and your will needs to be reviewed and revised, our attorneys at Claringbole Law, LLC d/b/a Claringbole Quigley, are here to help create documents necessary to carry out your wishes for your estate after your death.

Last Will And Testament

Wills include directions for who will oversee the administration of a client’s estate and how that estate is to be divided. If a client has minor children, a will may include a trust to make sure assets are available to support children until they reach adulthood. Clients often also use a will to nominate a guardian for their children in the event they die before a child is an adult.

Power Of Attorney

In providing wills for our clients, we also ensure that they have documents such as powers of attorney in place to protect their interests not only in the event of death, but in the event they are unable to make their own decisions on health care and financial matters. We encourage our clients to have financial powers of attorney that designate who will manage finances in the event someone becomes incapacitated. In addition, everyone should have a health care power of attorney that names an agent to make health care decisions if someone is no longer able to do so.