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Understanding Child Custody And Physical Placement in Wisconsin

Child custody and physical placement are two separate issues that need to be addressed in an action for divorce, legal separation or paternity. A Court will also address custody in guardianship actions and paternity actions.

What Is Child Custody?

Child custody involves the right and responsibility to make major decisions regarding your children. Major decisions may include where a child attends school, whether a child can take driver’s education and decisions concerning their religious upbringing.

What Is Joint Custody?

In Joint custody, the parents share the responsibility for making these decisions, and neither parent’s rights are superior to the other.

What Is Sole Custody?

A parent with sole legal custody has the ability to make these decisions without conferring with the other parent.

Guardianship And Child Custody

In a guardianship case, the Court will determine whether a guardian is needed to exercise custody of a child.

Paternity And Child Custody

In a paternity action, an order for child custody protects the rights of unmarried parents.

What Is Physical Placement?

Physical placement orders specify when each parent has the children with them. During a parent’s physical placement time, that parent has the right and responsibility to make routine daily decisions regarding their children. Physical placement is guided by what is in the children’s best interest. While the law says a court order needs to maximize the time each parent has with their children, this does not necessarily mean that time will be equally divided between the parents.

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