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Adopting A Child

The attorneys at Hoff, Claringbole & Quigley, LLP, stand ready to help you with adopting a child or children, and offer a free initial consultation to discuss the adoption process. We represent the parent or parents or the stepparent wishing to adopt the child (or children). If you have any questions regarding adoption or the services we can offer you in the process, please call us at your convenience at 920-416-6026.

Stepparent Adoptions

When someone with a child (or children) remarries, the new spouse becomes the stepparent to the child (or children). A stepparent has very limited legal rights to his or her stepchildren. A stepparent may wish to adopt the stepchildren, especially when the previous parent is no longer a part of the child (or children’s) lives, such as when a biological parent passes away, is incarcerated, or simply has not maintained a relationship with the child (or children) for a significant period of time. Regardless of the situation, the attorneys at Hoff, Claringbole & Quigley, LLP, can help you navigate a stepparent adoption.

Grandparent And Relative Adoptions

Grandparents and other relatives have a unique relationship with the child (or children) and may want to adopt them, particularly when parents are unable or unwilling to care for the child (or children). Our attorneys at Hoff, Claringbole & Quigley, LLP can help with the adoption process and finalization.